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test done on own ring, in the bathroom, to be used on the wedding task in future. the concept is still same – water, but the composition & angle maybe different. just wait. thanks 🙂



Ayee & Family – whiteroom session

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Ok, today this blog is not written by Uncle Ming, but by Iris. hehe. Uncle Ming quite lazy today, so me Iris is going to chill u guys up! hehe.
last week before going back for raya, we hired uncle Ming to shoot us the whole family. later on, daddy says he will hang all the photos at our home. yeayyy


“hi i’m Iris! yeah i’m going to whiteroom session! happy!happy!”


“ok now everyone is happy!”


“u kiss me, i love u!”


“ok now let’s camp together!”


“oh, forgot already. esok dah nak raya!”


“ok selamat hari raya from us!”


“last but not least, taking photo with cute uncle, as cute as us! haha”

p/s : want you yourself, family, and friends portrayed by this cute uncle like us? do contact him now! satisfaction guaranteed. hehe

Cute Girl



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Mt. Vesuvius, the only Volcano on the European Mainland. Taken from sea barrier alongside the Bay of Naples


Ischia, not so far away from Capri. taken before the sunset on the top of Cala Moresca, Napoli in Campania.

Just a quick nostalgic entry about the hardship faced last year, during this period of time (September-October 2010). While friends and families celebrating Ramadhan & Syawal in Malaysia, i was stucked in Napoli. New experience, new environment to feel, somehow saddened deep inside. Alhamdulillah this year, Ramadhan will end up soon, and Syawal will be coming with me here already in Malaysia. hehe. But the breeze during the early autum, the breathtaking experience, all the hardship can never be forget.

I am not a good writer, but trying to share everything through the pictures, from time to time. Insya Allah..

Mohd Ming
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Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

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As the celebration moved to the indoor arena for the first time ever, i took the opportunity to join the Malaysians to celebrate our 53rd Indepence Day here in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil. Arrived there around 7.30 a.m, felt that i was already late. But luckily managed to get some of my favourite shots as targeted last night. Do enjoy the pictures, lad.






As a Malaysian, we should be thankful enough to be what we are today, and for what we have achieved so far. At least.

Mohd Ming
Junior Photographer
Mukhriz & Udey Photography / CST Production
Tel : +6013 – 7777 975
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